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I ran across this silly story about the dress code at schools. It seems day after day we get closer to American teen girls being forced to cover their faces.

Link to Story

I've been running dozens of ideas through my head for projects related to models over the past year. Many of them I've discussed with other photographers and friends in the business. I would like to discuss some of them with actually teen models fans that have paid for quality content in the past. Maybe we'll set-up a chat room here, or discuss thoughts by email. If you are interested in discussing some fresh ideas, or you have some suggestions for things I should consider, please use the form below to shoot me a message.


I hope everybody had a great holiday season and that your 2019 is a good one. I spent most of mine avoiding rude tourists and ugly traffic. I was down in Denver 3 days hanging out with Julie (former TB model), and a few others, plus shopping, then stayed inside and away from the crowds on New Years Eve like the old bald chicken shit I've become!

I had plans to make a fantastic and amazing "End of Year 2018" post a few days ago but failed to come up with anything related to teen models that is fantastic and amazing. Things now, all across the teen model scene, are just as they were this time last year. To the best of my knowledge, speaking strictly of American photographers and models, there have not been any new websites and there have not been any new models appear on multi-model websites.

There are teen models out there. There are dozens of them on Instagram and other places. Its not that teens don't want to model, its just that the entire scene has changed to one where "Likes" and "Followers" are important and income is secondary. The mothers push the daughters that way, and often manage the online profiles, hoping it leads to big agencies seeing the girl and future fame. Even photographers pretty much volunteer their time and skills in many shoots, hoping that if the girl gets famous they will somehow be rewarded with an enhanced reputation that will help them in their business or to start their studio, eventually.

It remains to be seen if that will work for either the model or the photographer. Many point out that singer Justin Beiber was found on social media, but how many others with a decent voice posted a few videos and didn't instantly pop into the dream they hoped for?

The photographer part of the deal seems very odd to me as there is very, very rarely a comment stating who took the photo, or link to his own social media pages. So, exactly how does working for free give him an enhanced reputation or wider exposure?

It is actually a bit funny that this topic came up. I recently read an atrticle where a photographer was upset that his work was used, without permission, on t-shirts and other products a band was selling. He wrote the clothing company and asked that in the future they seek permission, but for now donate $100 to a charity. The clothing company, the band, and the band's management jumped his shit saying the band sees "exposure" as sufficient compensation. So, he is somehow supposed to allow them to use his work for free, because the "exposure" would be good for his career. Of course, in no place on the clothing or advertisements for the clothing, does it give the photographers name so its unclear how he would gain any benfit at all even if the "exposure" thing worked (it doesn't).

Many Twitter followers of the situation asked why the band doesn't play for free so they can gain "exposure", or if a person can use their songs in an photo studio advertisement for free, because... you know, the band would get "exposure" every time the ad played, wouldn't they? The band didn't reply.

Anyway, that whole do it for free to get exposure thing may work in some cases, but I have a feeling it fails to meet the hopes and dreams 99% of the time. And, I'm way too old to get involved in any such silliness, even if other photographers think its awesome to shoot for free while maintaining another job to pay the bills and eat.

Dave Hardman down in Florida was a teen model DVD producer for several years. Dave and I never got along as we had different approaches to the business and to the relationships between those in the business on both sides of the camera. Prior to this year I had not spoken with him since about 2008, and in the mean time he had ventured into a different type of product and different production techniques.

In August 2017 law enforcement types raided Dave's home studio in Florida based on reports that he was producing materials outside the legal limits. In May of 2018 he accepted an offer from the prosecutors in the form of a plea bargain to somewhat reduced charges, and in September of 2018 he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

I followed along on the case since day one and have all the public court filings and documents downloaded from the court website. Early on I reached out directly to his lawyer to relate my own experiences, as I have in Colorado, South Carolina, Florida and Illinois cases over the years, but received no reply. A lawyer friend of mine in Florida did the same, and received no reply.

From the documents, and other sources, I'm left with the impression that the materials that violated the law are not his normal retail product, but some items produced on the side. Owners of normal retail products have no worries, owners of privately sponsored or produced materials, should eliminate those materials from their collections.

I'm in touch with Dave. I started writing him while he was still in a Florida jail, and continue now that he is in the Federal prison system. I write once a month not because he would be considered a friend, or any thing of that sort, but simply because he is a human and because I want to know the true story.

I plan to create a long form blog post here around February 1st with the entire story if I get all the information and documents in order, and answers from Dave. If not February, certainly by March.

I am posting his prison address below in case any readers here wish to write. That said, if you don't happen to want your name and address on a prison log, you are welcome to send notes or letters through me. Type something up, send it as an email or PDF to me (, and I'll print it out and mail it with my own return address. Using a social media or forum screenname that he would recognize is fine. If he replies back I'll forward along to your email address.

Letters to Dave at the prison must be address exactly as shown below, and you must type, laser print or hand write the address. No mailing labels allowed on envelopes because old school druggies would hide LSD spots under labels.

JESUP GA 31599

That would be all the news I have for now. New blog post set for February 1st.


I'm consolidating this week from 2 web servers down to one. It will likely cause the original (and the mailing list), along with (video store), to go offline for a few hours. I expect it to happen Wednesday or Thursday.

During the server changes I'll also upgrading to the latest version of the mailing list software. I'm told that if the new version doesn't import the old database correctly I'll have to send new confirmation links next weekend. If you receive a new confirmation email please click to confirm and all will be fine.

A couple of teen model fans sent messages asking about the old forum. I'm unable to provide any updates on that website. I gave it to Brent (TTLModels) a few months after TrueTeenBabes closed, about October or November of 2013. From what I can see it is still owned by Brent's domain account and was it renewed in the spring of this year. Name server records show it pointed at a server, but that server is not showing it hosted there, which would likely mean it was there at one time, then deleted from server but records at the domain company never updated or pointed at a new server or host.

One of our longtime subscribers did locate model #10096 Jennea Aldigo in his files and she is now available on the archive store here. I'm still missing the following two models from the TrueTeenBabes Photo Archive. #10081 Holly Jones and #10127 Alexandra Bostimonti.

If you had been a subscriber when Holly or Alexandra originally posted please get in touch with me.

The first Zip files for each would be would be and

The first photo of them ever posted would be 10081001001.jpg and 10127001001.jpg.

The repost today of The Original TrueTeenBabe includes reference to a model named Tina. For those curious, here is the story on her. She came to my little studio originally as a contestant in a bikini contest at a car show in Arizona. Back in those pre-internet days it was a big deal to be in such contests as the winner was often photographed with the car that won "Best of Show" and would be in a magazine. My interest at the time was VWs and mintrucks, and we are talking about old magazines like "Hot VWs", "MiniTruckin" and "VW Trends". In '87-'89 I sponsored the contests at the Bug-O-Rama events in Phoenix and Sacramento, along with a few other events and locations. The first and second place girls would get cash prizes and to be in shoots around the show cars, likely meaning some photos would be in the magazine coverage of the event.

Tina, from Oregon, in 1989 had originally entered herself as a contestant in the Sacramento but never showed for the event. I seem to recall it was due to the boyfriend's car not being ready for the show. They did make it to the Phoenix event a few months later and she placed third. When the second place girl balked at being in my shoots, Tina was brought in to do the shoots and did OK. The magazines at the time usually wanted girls with plenty of cleavage showing in those shoots and Tina didn't make the cut to be published.

Later we did shoots in Las Vegas for a magazine about customized mini-trucks, a small swimwear company, and a smaller men's magazine, but nothing too popular and it didn't lead to any further modeling work. She moved to my little place in Vegas for a short time, then back to Oregon, while continuing to get in various bikini contests and trying for other modeling opportunities.

I moved back to Colorado and by 1992 I had lost touch. This was the time before widespread public internet, email, social media and cell phones, so it wasn't hard for contact to be slow or forgotten.

Around 1999 I received an email from a guy that had been my friend and helper back in those Las Vegas days. Attached was a professional porn photo he had seen and saved that featured a blond, obvious fake breasts, with the heavy make-up and big hair of the day, having sex with two guys. Based on the hairstyle and other things in the image I guessed it had been taken about the time she gave up on the bikini modeling in 1991 or 1992. He was convinced it was her, and after days of looking at it, I also came to that conclusion. I was never able to determine where it came from, who took it, what studio produced it, or what stagename she may have been using, or to actually confirm it was her, not just a very similar looking girl.

In 2010 when I was trying to plan that big party / reunion thing in Las Vegas I used the online search sites, and purchased a complete report, on her name. It showed a wedding, then divorce, and an address back in her Oregon hometown. As I did with TJ, I sent a letter and invitation to that address. I have no idea if she ever received that envelope and I received no reply of any type. The letter did not get returned.

Behind the scenes trying a mini-truck photo shoot 1990.


Outtake from the nudie magazine photo shoot 1990.


The photo with the mini-truck has a funny backstory. At the time that building was the Las Vegas Athletic Club on Industrial Road. The studio I had at the time was in a warehouse building directly behind it, across some railroad tracks. We actually used a hole in the fence to walk back and forth with cameras and other gear. It had sand volleyball courts and a pool in the back that we also did photo shoots at. The managers there were super nice when we wanted to shoot on the property, unlike the local hotels or resorts.

The road is now known as Sammy Davis Jr Drive. The building is now The Sapphire Las Vegas strip club, and the outdoor area in back is now The Sapphire Pool & Day Spa.

A friend sent me this odd story about an American girl in London who is 24, but daddy the banker pays her rent, and she is addicted to Instagram. Makes all her decisions - boyfriends, clothing, places to go and things to see, based on what type of comments and likes she'll get. Read for yourself here if you want to be sicken but what young people are turning into.


Funny story online about censorship of girls in swimwear here.


I posted a new blog today about some crazy screw-ups I've executed over the years named "What The Fuck Was I Thinking?"

The TrueTeenBabes Video Archive is running some great specials in September. All the TrueTeenBabes DVD Videos in .MP4 format (no disc) for only $19.95 or the first 90 TeenGlamourGirls videos (720p) for only $19.95 or the last 89 TeenGlamourGirls videos (720p) for only $19.95. All those special deals are available here.

I'm still missing the following three models from the TrueTeenBabes Photo Archive. #10081 Holly Jones, #10096 Jennea Aldigo and #10127 Alexandra Bostimonti.

If you had been a subscriber when those girls originally posted please get in touch with me.

The first Zip files for each would be would be, and

The first photo of them ever posted would be 10081001001.jpg. 10096001001.jpg and 10127001001.jpg.

I received a few emails recently asking how I could be misisng those models. It appears to have happened in one of two break-ins we've had over the years.

In 2009 the 33 year old boyfriend of TrueBabes model Kelsie Lee broke into the Florida studio, which also held a small office we did retouching in. He stole all sorts of stuff including hard drives. At the time I used smaller 250GB drives for storage if I recall correctly. He apparently was looking for her materials because he didn't want her on TrueBabes, but took whatever he could grab. Law enforcement down there made the case, but only 1 drive was returned. He swore he only took one, but we know it was all three.

In this photo you see Heather and I in the that office. To her left, on the floor, you see the computer and on it the three external drives with white labels on their cases. Those three are what he took, but we only got one back.


Ironically, Kelsie Lee was introduced to us by TrueTeenBabes / TrueBabes model Joleine, and later that same year Joleine's then boyfriend tried the same shit. The night he was breakingin I was working late in that back office and police got there fast. He got away with nothing.

When Joleine's boyfriend broke into the studio he used that concrete block in the lower left of this photo to smash the glass front door.


Considering the dates those three models had been on the site it is most likely that their materials would have been stored on one of those hard drives.

In 2012 we suffered another break-in. This time the guy took cameras and one hard drive. That drive was never recovered and may have contained those materials, but I'm fairly confident they were lost in the first Florida break-in.

Overall, shit just happens.

I received a few emails over the summer about new models or new projects.

Officially, I think the market for nude models 18+ is out of my range these days. Most fans of a TrueBabes style site that are willing to pay for a subscription more likely would do so on a site that is larger. I have over 118 models there, and even if I could locate and shoot one or two new girls each month, I just can't be competive with sites that already have hundreds of models. We must remember that TrueBabes never got very big even when it had built in fans coming over from TrueTeenBabes. We must also remember that here in Colorado I wasn't able to find enough tattoo free models when we tried to revive it back in 2015.

I think the market for non-nude models -18 is a totally different thing. The truth is that the market is starved for real teens (not 18-19 year olds posted as age 16). If somebody like Jaclynn or Libby came along right now a really cool site could be made, in particular with the changes in content delivery, streaming technology and mobile applications that have taken place in the past 5 years.

The issue, as I've been discussing over the past four years here and here and here, is that peer pressure, social media fears, and anonymous social justice warriors make it very hard for girls and parents to commit to any sort of ongoing project or website. I do get emails or online applications now and then but the main question is always about keeping people that my critize the girl or family from seeing it.

I do have some other things, unrelated to shooting photos and videos of models, in the works. I'm slowly looking into office space back down in the Littleton area, and even spent last week talking to web developers, PHP programmers, and other website tech type people. But, as I said, those other interests are not teen model related.


Half way through the year and heading into a long vacation period. Some celebrating July 4th early, some next weekend, and maybe some all week?

After posting The Custom Conumdrum blog earlier this month several people emailed asking about the line "In early April I was involved in an hour long discussion with a federal law enforcement official about an investigation going on back east and the topic of customs (that he called "private shoots") came up" and wanting to know what site is being invistigated. Please read the sentence again slowly and understand I didn't say it was a website.

This was a simple subpoena request for copies of documents (receipts, emails) as has happened a few times previous. It turned into a discussion because, like those writing, I was curious as fuck about it and volunteered to drive down to Littleton (Denver area), rather then just fax or mail them. The investigation was not explained to me in detail so anything I say would just be speculation. I certainly wouldn't be giving out the names discussed.

I continue to look for the ZIP files for TrueTeenBabes models 10081, 10096 and 10127. Check the news from June 13th below for details if you may be able to help.

Day after day more stories of young women, or their mothers, being attacked online for dressing or acting in an interesting, showy or daring manner. Example for the U.K. here.

And I continue to get asked why I don't start working with teen models again... because there are very few teen model / parent pairs willing to be attacked day after days by online idiots. It is much worse now than when I wrote The Four Fs exactly four years ago. So much worse.

Working on a new blog/story to post next month so make sure you are on the TrueTeenBabes Mailing List to get notified.


The photo archive at has been updated to the new mobile friendly style and the missing models we had available have been reposted there.

During the model reposting on the TrueTeenBabes Photo Archive we discovered that some CDs used for archiving back around 2004-2006 had gone bad and are unreadable. This means we are not able to post 3 models:

#10081 Holly Jones

#10096 Jennea Aldigo

#10127 Alexandra Bostimonti

If you had been a subscriber when those girls originally posted please get in touch with me.

The first Zip files for each would be would be, and

The first photo of them ever posted would be 10081001001.jpg. 10096001001.jpg and 10127001001.jpg.

The social justice attacks on persons being beautiful, physically attractive (sexy), or more talented have continued over the past few months.

Girl isn't able to do the tumbling for the cheerleading team so mother complains. School decides everybody that wants to be can now be an official cheerleader.

That story had a good follow-up a few days later titled Rewarding Failure Has Become Epidemic.

it's gets better... err, I mean worse. High school decides that girls wearing dresses that expose ribs below the collar bone, or cleavage, will not be allowed to attend prom unless they agree to wear a "Modesty Poncho".


We can't forget last year when this dress was deemed to short and sexual for prom at a different high school.


And, just last month they came for the swimwear in the Miss America Pageant.

Good opinion piece about that here.

There are no teen model websites based in the USA shooting new models. There was as many as 30-40 at one time when we combined multi-model and solo-model.

Large, well financed, adult websites located right in California now have issues finding models in their niche of slim, natural, free of tattoos. I'm told only druggie, tattoo infested, sluts apply these days so they buy all their materials from eastern Europe.

Another adult site I know, that worked with models 18-19, told me by email he was closing at the end of the summer when he runs out of content. He was online and active since 2001 but can no longer find 18 or 19 year olds for his fairly tame website.

I think I'm getting sick thinking about this stuff. Somebody - anybody really - please send me some Neisson XO 45 because I need both alcohol and a sugar high at the same time!


A new blog about the potential evils and missed profits of custom photo shoots titled The Custom Conundrum has been posted.

Another 12 of the missing models from the early years of TrueTeenBabes have been posted over on the TrueTeenBabes Photo Archive. More to come around June 10th.

The video archive at was updated a few days back with a new easy to navigate theme that is very friendly for teen model fans that use small screen or mobile devices. The plan is to also install that same layout and theme on the photo archive at around June 10th.

During our project to post all the missing models back up on the TrueTeenBabes Photo Archive we discovered that some CDs used for archiving back around 2004-2006 had gone bad and are unreadable. This means we are not able to post 3 models: #10081 Holly Jones, #10096 Jennea Aldigo and #10127 Alexandra Bostimonti. If you happen to have been a subscriber when those girls had been part of the members area please get in touch with me. If you can search your hard drives or back-up drives, the first Zip files for each would be would be, and or the first photo of them ever posted would be 10081001001.jpg. 10096001001.jpg and 10127001001.jpg. Thanks!

Seeing some of those early models brings back memories from the early days of TrueTeenBabes. I've got a few stories to tell from back then and I hope to have a couple of them posted over the summer months.

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