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June 12, 2020

The Internet teen model scene has taken a slow turn over the past 12-18 months with dozens of girls becoming popular on Instagram, often with the help of their mother or boyfriend, and later starting their own subscription website or content page at Patreon. Kylin Kalani would be the most popular example with this Instagram page and this website and this Patreon page.

Kylin, and a few others of these "new age" teen models, have been booted off Patreon due to silly social justice warrior people saying they pose in a bikini that is too small. To avoid problems they have been forced to "self-censor" their photography, posing and outfit selections. Some other girls developed a nice following, then teamed up with a fake dude that claimed he would build them a website and manage it. Those girls quickly gained subscribers but a few days later the sites closed because the guy had set it all up on poor quality "free hosting" servers that don't allow video streaming or any type of subscription website. None of those girls ever got any of the money and lost the websites (domain names) to that fool.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns I decided to see if I could get involved and help a few models here and there.

On June 1st I opened TrueModels as a basic service that will host websites the model and her mother create and run. It also provides them with good video streaming, manages the subscriber profiles (passwords, emails, etc) and even the secure subscription payment options.

And, we don't ask them to censor themselves to appease social prudes. Just stay within the law and all is well.

For now I only have one client but that is by design. I wanted to test over a few weeks to insure I had it working as expected. The site is using a few old TrueTeenBabes images to fill image slots. I have not advertised or approached any other models, but now that the two week testing period is about to end, I think its ready.

For now the role for TrueModels in the teen model scene is limited to keeping the model's website online (hosting), providing a fast video streaming system for models that want that feature in their site, and helping subscribers securely make subscription payments and manage their account details (username, password, email address).

TrueModels has zero to do with the design or workings of the model website or the content within the model website.

TrueModels is like most of my sites - very simple and easy to navigate. One cool thing is that once new sites are added, teen model fans will login just one time at TrueModels and all their subscriptions will be listed in their profile ready to access in one click. One profile/password will work for all sites the fan is subscribing to.

If things run smoothly I would expect to add a few more features in the late summer months to help models with the original creation of their website and features within it.

For now if you know teen models, or their photographers, from Instagram that may want to have their own website you can refer them to TrueModels and we'll do what we can to help them get going.

April 18, 2020

TrueBabes / TrueTeenBabes fans:  I'm thinking of setting up a few webcam chats (free) with some of the old models one or two nights a week during the Covid-19 lock down time. Nothing too crazy or sexual, more like just fun checking in to see what they are up to these days.

I fear not many old fans would be interested or available. That would be embarassing for the models so I want to get a feel for how many might be interested in Tuesday & Thursday Chats, about 10:00pm Eastern Time.

If you are interested please send a quick note from the Contact Me page.

November 11, 2019

Today I posted a very short update to the Dave Hardman story. The update is based on new information that arrived in the mail the first week of November and answers a few questions, shows I was wrong on one important point, and confirms yet again that his lawyer didn't do the job he was hired to do. You can review that update here.

October 15, 2019

Today I posted my follow-up story about the Dave Hardman case titled Hardman - The Rest of the Story in which I point out a few oddities I haven't seen in other cases. The new story also features a few detail changes from my original The Hardman Report posted in April. The changes do not significantly change the overall narrative. Most of the changes come about because (1) in more recent letters to me Hardman has expressed different answers compared to earlier letters and (2) during the process of his failed appeal efforts some additional documents and transcripts have become available that have information I wasn't aware of 6 months ago.

Communication between Hardman and myself seems to have broken down and I do not anticipate any further writings or information being posted here.

The primary points of confusion are (a) he wants me to help him hire a private detective to interview the girls here in 2019 and determine which ones spoke bad of him to law enforcement back in 2017 and (b), even after being shut down by the Federal Public Defenders Appeals Division and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, due to his stating his own guilt on paper and in the courtroom, he and his prison friend Zack continue to believe they can get the entire case tossed out and force the government to let him go and give back all his property and money.

On point (a) I see the private detective as a total waste of time and money. He hasn't even been granted the right to appeal, much less won that appeal and been granted a new trial, and likely never will, and nothing on the record indicates that any girl said anything bad in summer 2017 to get the case started anyway, so what is he looking to do other then satisfy his own curiosity? On point (b) I do believe that he has a good chance to get the sentence reduced as I explain in Hardman - The Rest of the Story based on a strikingly similar sentence appeal involving the same Judge that was decided in the defendant's favor earlier this year, but again he and his prison lawyer Zack see things differently, again with the belief they are about to get total freedom.

In today's post Hardman - The Rest of the Story I mentioned his other side business creating custom made recliner trikes. Dave certainly was a skilled fabricator and it is unfortunate he wasn't able to get out of the teen model DVD business and pursue that as he hoped. Those interested can see his work and a couple of his trikes on the old Instagram account for David Bruce Trikes @dbtrikes.

The TrueTeenBabes shopping cart and design updates from August went great and now fans can find both photos and video in the same place, plus in a layout that is easier to use. There is also a page where monthly we'll be rotating in and out with some great Special Offers.

The design tune-up at the TrueBabes archive in early September also went good and that site is also now easier to navigate around.

As always - feel free to send your comments or questions from the Contact Me page and I'll reply as soon as possible.


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