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I would use this page to post news from my projects, studios and websites but each individual site maintains it's own news page. Repeating the same information here seems silly and I wouldn't expect you'll see much on this page. Please feel free to send your comments or questions from the Contact Me page.


No news at all. Maybe that is good news. In November I closed that Fanzoona site. It just wasn't working as I hoped and I couldn't get the people I was working with to see that same issues I could see. I do have a guy working to create a better version and may post it online if there is a need for a system hosting teen models. At this time the market is well managed by our friends at BrandArmy and there is no need to start anything else.

Otherwise, just hanging out doing the same stuff with the same friends.


I'm in Florida enjoying a few sunsets and rum drinks, or just rum, while slowly looking around for some project that would be interesting to pursue. November will see me in Nashville for a couple of weeks, followed by 2 early December weeks in Rincon, and the holiday season back home in Colorado.

There should be a couple of interesting new stories posted here within that same time frame.