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Updated: 2023-09-20

I have, in the company name of Group Five Photosports, LLC., a little over 200 website domain names spread among the model, photography, auto racing, legal and personal categories. Around 20 of them are active at any one time, including some that are strictly B2B such as TrueDMCA and TrueSMTP, some others that are archives of old content, and still more that are active retail sites. Below I list the most recent or most popular.


Fanzoona.com is a fan supported content platform providing Instagram Models, Cosplayers, TikTokers and other visual creators a fun place to distribute non-nude content in a safe and secure manner while generating income. Some compare it to Instagram but on the Fanzoona platform those posting the creative visuals also make the money.

Update 2024-04-01:  Fanzoona.com is on temporary hiatus as we build a better system. We expect it to return to full operation June 1, 2024 if the creator market has the need.


TrueModels Network, is a fan club website hosting service for popular Instagram models. The non-nude models/creators, or their friends & helpers, design and update the original site, while our crew handles customer service, security, and behind the scenes tech issues.


TrueBabes.com, opening in 2004, was our second subscription website. It featured 180 college age models (18-24) in glamour style nude photos and videos. The site displayed our own photography and also published content from top glamour photographers across the USA. With hundreds of websites in this very competitive market the site never became wildly popular and stopped publishing new content in 2015. It remains online as a non-updating archive.


TrueTeenBabes.com was created by a high school girl that worked weekends in our photo lab. It was meant to be our own version of the Swimsuit Issue, but feature only models her age, not popular New York fashion models. It opened in July 2001 and over a great 12 year run featured 200 teenage models from across the USA. We selected to close the site in 2013. There is a more detailed history here for curious persons, and it remains online as an archive for model fans that missed the original publication.