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Suggesting Confusion

Posted: 2020-12-12

Every day of the week I receive dozens emails from persons using the contact forms here, on TrueTeenBabes or on TrueBabes. Many of them are junk email, a few are normal customer service requests, and most others are friends, former models, customers, followers or other photographers just reaching out with a comment, question or suggestion.

I welcome all of these emails. That should be obvious because I put easy to use contact forms on each website and strictly avoid the use of CAPTCHA to make it as smooth as possible for visitors like you to send a message.

Between November 1st and December 11th of this year, 40 days & 40 nights, from a desktop computer at home, a laptop while traveling, during early mornings or late nights, while wide awake or half drunk, I replied to 167 emails with a 1-2 sentence answer to their question or to thank them for their compliment.

In the same time frame, under the same circumstances, over the course of 49 emails I typed an average of 512 words in reply - over 25,000 words total - to give the emailer as much information as possible or seeking a more detailed message from them while hoping to continue the conversation they started.

Today, December 12th, 2020 I received a couple of messages from the same sender that I wish I could reply to. I wish I could start a mature, friendly, business style, conversation with this particular message sender. It seems he or she wishes to give advice which I would gladly take. It sounds, from a line or two in his writing, that he has direct experience rather than just a thought or two, so that advice could be valuable.

Unfortunately for me the writer selected to use a fake name and email address to remain anonymous. I can't start a discussion by replying to his email no matter how much I wish I could.

Nine out of ten anonymous emails that come in are complaints or threats from common keyboard tough guys. These fools are also known as scared little bitches. They know whatever they are saying can't be supported by facts, and is more likely the illogical, senseless and immature ramblings of a 38 year old mommy's boy in the basement, wearing only his dirty XXL boxer shorts, trying to type with a 5" joint in one hand, while screaming up the stairs instructing his mommy to prepare two bowls of Cap'n Crunch and a toasted Snickers bar for dinner.

These messages today didn't seem to come from that type of loser. They seem to come from a guy or gal that wants to send a suggestion or two but had trouble being clear and concise. Maybe because it was late at night or maybe because he was typing on a tiny phone keyboard.

In any case, I wish I could reply. I wish we could have a business conversation. The policy here, and the entire reason I use the word "suggestions" on the contact page, is to learn from people that are up to date on current trends, or that have seen something new that I haven't seen, or that have experience that relates to something I'm doing or trying to do.

I welcome all this stuff and many of the thoughts or ideas I receive I pass on to others.

The business phone line here runs on Vonage and I'm able to login and see all the calls, in order, with the minutes shown. In the November 1st - November 30th billing period I spent a bit over 43 hours, spread over 63 calls, talking by phone with photo / video / website / video streaming guys in Clearwater (2), Orlando, Austin (2), Las Vegas (2), Toronto and Los Angeles (2). That is a lot of time, but even more shocking when you consider that I was out of town 12 days in November!

I talk on the business phone so damn much I have a Plantronics headphone set-up.

Clearly I'm open to all sorts of business conversations by email and phone. No need to be shy, nervous or anonymous.

I've decided to comment on these two emails as best I can below and hope that he or she will contact me directly if he or she happens to see this and truly has something productive to talk about.

I've pasted the two messages from today below. Screen captures of the originals are here and here.

On 2020-12-12 at 02:30:14,
The following information was submitted:

name = nah
submit_by = [email protected]
comment = Look, old man, you're looking for girls in the "old" places. Only the conservative girls are still left.

Girls today have moved on from Facebook. Girls never used Craigslist (wtf?) -- except for hookers, and that went away when they shut down the adult services section.

Girls today are on snapchat. A small number of photogenic girls are on Instagram -- the influencers -- and you're unlikely to have them even open your message. Snapchat is "easier" in that you have maybe one or two messages before they ignore you. If they add you, and _maybe_ if you post to your story, a few girls will open it up. Maybe the ones you're interested in, maybe not.

TikTok is another place girls post. It might be better in that your videos will stay up more than 24 hours at a time. You can make 10-15 second videos, with music (not your music, but modern music) to show the girls posing, with a TrueTeenBabes logo in the corner, and your url in the description. Some girls will read it, probably 10-12 year olds, but some 13-14.

live.me got shut down. Triller and Facecast are new and I don't know about them.

What I do know is that you're doing old-person things and you're surprised that you can't get a young audience. The audience has moved on, and they change their platform every couple years. (You play Roblox? That was a year ago; you're playing Among Us right now?)

There are girls that are interested, but I get lots of messages like "But I'm 17" -- they're constantly told they're an immature child and they can't break through it. I have had some girls be interested, but I don't have a successful website to back up my presentation, so things fall off after a couple messages.

I'm guessing the writer is a male so from now on will use "he" and "him".

I do not know why there are two messages sent roughly 4 minutes apart. I can only guess he was typing on a phone and couldn't get it all in the form or maybe hitting the enter key sent the message before he was finished.

By the comment "you're looking for girls in the "old" places" he seems to be reacting to something I said about looking for models and I'm guessing that he is writing after reading the February 2017 post Jimmy's Great, Fantastic, Awesome, Failed Model Search about looking for girls with certain special qualities I call "it", not looking for just any old girl bored in Snapchat at 2:00am.

By today's standards some places I mentioned in that post, discussing 2015-16, certainly would be "old places". I can only guess he didn't read clearly to know that it was talking about things done in those years or that the post itself is now almost 4 years old.

Next he talks about Facebook and Craigslist. Here, just days from 2021, he is correct, for my purposes, they might also be old places.

Facebook was used for paid advertisements and, back at the time, would get me hundreds of visitors to a website where I try to explain what I'm looking for. For the projects I was trying at the time I just couldn't close the deal. Somehow my discussions with girls don't provide them with enough motivation to jump into the TrueBabes project ambitiously.

Recall that I can't directly advertise for nude models on Facebook. I would advertise for bikini models and hope to convert them to TrueBabes. Facebook owns Instagram. When I advertised using the Facebook Business Manager system the ads are also running on Instagram.

The problem at that time was not getting females interested in bikini modeling. It was the sales job I needed to do to convert their interest from what I'm allowed to say in Facebook ads to what I wanted them to participate in for TrueBabes. Looking back now Facebook wasn't the problem as an "old" place. The problem was more likely my offer that didn't meet what new style college age girls would be interested in.

Craigslist is somewhat like he says. I don't know about the adult services section, but in the normal Gigs/Talent/ area it was fine until the 2017 FOSTA-SESTA law that caused them, and others, to exclude ads for nude models. Here in 2020 it would no longer work for something like TrueBabes, but did just a few years ago. During the final active year of TrueBabes (2015) Julie, Jessica, Kalisha, Kayla and Kimberlee all met us from Craigslist ads.

We should also consider the website GirlsDoPorn. They had dozens of beautiful girls in that college age range that would have been good for TrueBabes. They are now closed and facing a very serious legal case. From case documentation we know they used Craigslist, with dozens of accounts posting in dozens of geographical areas, to find at least half the females they featured. It was a good source right up to the fall of 2019 for them. Unfortunately, if the charges are true, they used a bunch of dirty tricks after they had that initial contact with the girls, such as hiring for bikini posing and forcing sex scenes, blocking doors when girls wish to leave, promising large pay checks but only providing half of it, and much more.

From Wikipedia

GirlsDoPorn was associated with fake modeling websites such as BeginModeling, ModelingGigs, ModelingWork, and BubblegumCasting. Advertisements for these websites were posted on Craigslist under college towns and localities spanning America and Canada. Explore Talent was also used by them to find models. They requested applicants aged between 18 and 22, and provided forms asking for physical and personal information about applicants.

Craigslist did work for them to get female replies but I wouldn't be interested in doing the style of dirty tricks they are alleged to have done.

Craigslist also remains good for temporary helpers. For projects I'm sponsoring or a behind the scenes partner in we've hired make-up girls, guys to help with lights, and even a videographer guy in the years before Covid hit.

Next he quickly brushes on Instagram. He blows past it but I'll spend a bit more time.

I've have tried it and, as he says, not had great luck getting models for photoshoots of the style I wanted to do. I think the issue is what I was looking for at that time and not the Instagram application.

In 2015 I was looking for college age girls (18-20), that hadn't modeled previously, to pose naked. I purchased an iPad and created a profile related to TrueBabes but only for recruiting girls to be new models. I paid Julie to run that baby by hand 20 hours a week following cute girls, sending messages, commenting on photos, and more.

She got dozens upon dozens of messages. I'd say we saw around 20 of them over 5 weeks actually leaving Instagram to visit the website and complete the online form. Unfortunately, I was never able to actually schedule any of them for full nude TrueBabes style photoshoots. They apply, but later after thinking about it or talking to friends, tame down their own thoughts and want to do something less revealing. I think it is a "numbers game". If we sent twice as many messages or didn't try to pick only the absolutely hottest tattoo-free cheerleader style girls we might have had more success.

It was not because Instagram didn't have hundreds of awesome looking girls in that 18-20 age range in Colorado that it failed. It didn't work out because I was (1) seeking out cute slim girls that never modeled nude or lingerie previously, (2) that didn't have any tattoos and (3) that would jump right in to do nude photoshoots for TrueBabes as Julie herself had. Meeting all 3 points, in particular 2 & 3, in the short time frame caused the failure, not Instagram.

In 2019 I got involved in a three company plan to do something model related but not pay website related. More like the pilot for a reality style video series. For now I'm going to leave the name and details of the project aside and speak only about the Instagram experience.

For this project a professional looking Instagram profile is created and two people are working with it to find prospective models. The project was non-nude, with the most daring thing being a normal bikini, and could be girls from ages 14-22. They received hundreds of online forms to participate in the project ranging a from 12 year old in the Ukraine being submitted by her mother to 30 year old fitness girls with 100,000 Instagram followers.

Loosely speaking the project was about taking goofy girls, short girls, somewhat unsophisticated girls, and others that you would never expect to be models, then showing up at their house with only a 30 minute notice, dragging them out to the shoot location or studio, and using make-up, hair styling, and photography techniques to very quickly try turning them into models, including in a bikini.

The entire thing had the potential to be very embarrassing for some girls and very exciting for others.

They didn't search for models as much as they searched for girls that never wore a bikini and spent more time wearing boots on the farm, or glasses in the science lab, as compared to being on Instagram in tight shorts.

They selected the 8 we felt fit the project. By the time the partners started working to produce the content (all video, I was not shooting) some of the girls started to lose interest in the particular style of project. One from Florida changed her mind with a video crew already there in front of her house. Only four of the original eight ended up participating. The project was never completed due to that issue, which also caused one of the partners to lose interest and take his funding with him.

My point is that the search on Instagram produced the girls the project needed. It was execution of the project that didn't work just right.

This might not be the correct place to say this but:

Finding females to shoot pictures or videos that are fun to shoot and suitable for Instagram or YouTube is not at all the problem.

By searching on Instagram I could get dozens of girls to visit the studio if the content was dresses, shorts, tank tops, and maybe some mellow swimwear. Yes, dozens in all age ranges, weekly, if I reopened the building and was simply inviting them to do photos they could take home and post to Instagram while saying "new photos from my modeling shoot".

They may not be the most photogenic girl in town, or be a tan, trim and well prepared as we normally hope for, but they would be some sort of female in front of the camera. They would be working for free and so would I. They would get the ego food of likes and followers while I got the power company bill and a batch of photos that have no commercial value.

The problem part of searching comes up when I am looking for super quality females that haven't already done daring style posing for others. The problem closing the deal and doing quality content production happens; when the project tends to be revealing such as lingerie and thongs on minors; or nudity with an 18 year old for TrueBabes; or if it has the potential to be embarrassing such as the 2019 project previously described; or if it has the potential to bring harassment on social media.

Those last few words are important: "the potential to bring harassment on social media". It isn't just me, and it isn't just the Jimmy style teen model photos. In late October I received an email from a mother looking for advice. She was running the "Instagram Model" account for her daughter. The content is super mellow. Here is a quote describing the problem she faced.

"She mostly posts bikinis, beachwear, sun dresses and shorts. No full back shots in thongs, if she is wearing one the shots are from the side or her sitting down... they keep shutting her down. Have you heard of the "warrior moms" on IG? They're a group of cheer/dance moms who attack the model accounts."

There it is. 16 year old model, being attacked by full grown ass adult mothers, for wearing swimwear on Instagram and attracting male followers. Social media isn't social. It's anti-social and brings out the worst in jealous people and the worst almost always select to be anonymous.

So, again, as we read on and carry this discussion into the future, we must remember that the problem I see is not finding pretty females to pose or act in front of cameras. The problem is finding enough of them to do it in the style needed to make it highly profitable for everybody involved. That means nude if I considering reopening or creating a new style of TrueBabes; or likely daring, funny and embarrassing as the stalled video series had the potential to be.

Our emailer's next point is Snapchat and he goes through a few steps he feels would be smart for me to take. I don't do Snapchat on a regular basis and don't know if this would work. The writing seems to indicate he has tried it so I assume he knows and it works. That said, I'm not sure of the photogenic quality of the girls he is finding on Snapchat late at night compared to what I was discussing in that 2017 blog post.

Tik-Tok arrives next, and I'm told it is the hot thing these days, but I have almost zero experience with it. One of the girls on my November trip put it on my phone. I watched maybe two videos and it hasn't been opened since.

That said, maybe he is correct and I need to get somebody using it to scout around if I'm ever searching for models for my own projects, but it wouldn't be for the same girls he seems to think it should be.

Notice that he ends the Tik-Tok paragraph with "Some girls will read it, probably 10-12 year olds, but some 13-14."

Clearly, by sending his message in 2020, he feels I'm scouting around here in 2020 for TrueTeenBabes age girls as young as "13-14" and I'm not sure where he got that impression. The post I think he is referencing is from early 2017 and it is talking about 2015-16. TrueTeenBabes is done and not coming back. My most recent news page before today include this line; "A system with hundreds of 14-17 year old models in tiny swimwear would likely be seen as a national scandal these days" and I don't know what caused him to think I was scouting for girls in that age range here in 2020 and therefore needed his advice related to "13-14" year olds here in 2020.

Again, I wish I could have had the opportunity to reply to this person. The overall email reads as if he is bashing the techniques I mention in that four year old writing, which itself was talking about previous experiences looking for a certain type of girl, called the "it" girl. He seems to be talking about random 13-14 year olds here and I'm confused.

Next he mentions Live.me, Triller and Facecast, the three of which I never heard prior to his message. Maybe I'm supposed to know those applications but I just don't spend time at home glued to me phone. I get out, attend events, hang with friends and would never have enough time to try all the APPs that become trendy among high school and college people.

His comment "What I do know is that you're doing old-person things and you're surprised that you can't get a young audience" is correct if he believes the things I tried in 2015-16, and discussed almost four years ago in the 2017 post, are things I'm doing here in 2020. The confusion comes up because I'm not searching for models, in particular ages "13-14", for my own projects here in 2020 and haven't been for a long, long time.

That brings us to the most interesting paragraph of his first message.

"There are girls that are interested, but I get lots of messages like "But I'm 17" -- they're constantly told they're an immature child and they can't break through it. I have had some girls be interested, but I don't have a successful website to back up my presentation, so things fall off after a couple messages."

It reads as if he is a photographer, or at least pretending to be a photographer, and is using these techniques to approach young women on Snapchat and Tik-Tok.

Notice "I have had some girls be interested" and compare it to the second line in the email below where he says "On Snapchat, it's time-consuming".

I wish I could ask how much time he is "consuming" to have "some girls be interested". It is 6 hours a boring night for 6 nights a week, and all day on Sunday, to get two girls that may "be interested" each week? Is it 500 girls a week? Is it 1 hour weekly and 60 girls? And, if it is two girls, are they special such as what I describe in my 2017 post as having "it" or are they regular dropout 15 year olds putting cut marks on their arms just to see what it feels like?

The last paragraph gets very curious when we get to the final 19 words: "I don't have a successful website to back up my presentation, so things fall off after a couple messages."

If this a photographer, but one that doesn't have a "successful website", just what is he scouting around to hire models for? I'm confused.

If he is a photographer wouldn't he have at least a basic portfolio style site set-up to show his skills and style to prospective models or clients before he ventures out searching for models on these APPs? I'm confused.

If this is a guy pretending to be a photographer on Snapchat and Tik-Tok simply to chat with teen girls he is free to lie about his skills, experience, pay rates, and what working with him will do to further a new model's career. Those lies could be what help him have "some girls be interested", but those same lies wouldn't work for a legitimate photographer that needs to have a parent involved, get paperwork signed, and have an ongoing working relationship with the model.

Overall, adding all the parts together, I seem to have received a message from a guy that sincerely feels he has advice to give, but hasn't been successful himself using the very techniques he is advising me to use, therefore, because he is shy or embarrassed, he selected to remain anonymous so I couldn't follow up with him.

Email number two was sent four minutes later.

On 2020-12-12 at 02:34:32,
The following information was submitted:

name = nah
submit_by = [email protected]
comment = Just testing send before I waste my evening typing.

On Snapchat, it's time-consuming. You can use the map to find hotspots - stories that people post openly. Open some of those, sometimes girls will tag their friends in an area. Add the tagged girl as a friend, she'll add you back. Don't say hi, don't introduce yourself, spend a month watching her story, adding friends, and building up momentum. Then you can either post to your story or send messages to individual girls. The only ways to grow your candidate pool are by either the search -- you share X friends with "this person" (add "this person"), or by adding people tagged in others' stories (you don't necessarily know where they're from -- but if they're physically with the girl, they're probably local to the girl).

Tiktok, similar -- you can add someone out of the blue, and then go through their friends. Add anyone who looks interesting. Here, they'll be able to review your videos/profile and it's a bit easier. You won't be able to see who followed up with you, but if they follow you back, then you can send them a message (usually) and see if they're open to "making a video with you" or something.

Go where the candidates are. Not Facebook, not Instagram, not Craigslist, not local conventions. Girls of today don't go outside or get off their phone. They don't go to the mall. A few play sports, and they seem more conservative as opposed to outgoing of 20 years ago.

This second message seems to have been sent to refine the techniques he suggested I use on Snapchat and Tik-Tok.

In the Tik-Tok paragraph the line about sending a message to "see if they're open to "making a video with you" seems a bit odd and could easily be taken way the fuck wrong. We learned in the first message he is talking about girls "13-14" when he says "Some girls will read it, probably 10-12 year olds, but some 13-14." Imagine what would happen in today's fake news world if some mother shows that message screen cap to a TV outlet. Likely nine TV cameras and two SWAT teams at the door.

The line "Go where the candidates are" is certainly correct in general. It's reminds me of the famous apocryphal story about when bank robber Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter why he robbed banks and Sutton replied, "Because that's where the money is".

Sutton denied ever saying that line, and I deny that, as a semi-retired 61 year old professional photographer, I want to be out there on Snapchat and Tic-Tok messaging girls 13-14 to "see if they're open to "making a video".

I appreciate suggestions but in this case I sure wish I could have followed up with the guy to get details about how it works, what hurdles there are, what responses there are in comparison to time spent, what age ranges work (he only mentions "13-14"), if it can be done without making suggestions about videos, and so much more.

The bottom line is that while he is reaching out making a suggestion, and I sincerely appreciate that, this is not the type of thing I would do. These sites are flooded with fakes, fools, liars and jerks making all sorts of claims and promises trying to get a teen girl to even chat with them, and hoping that leads to more. Those sites are also full of law enforcement, media and others looking to arrest or make fools of people that send such messages to minors.

The old Jaclynn Marie teen model profile receives dozens of messages every week.

Back in 2010 a Tennessee newspaper ran a full story about how TrueTeenBabes owner Chris from Empiric Endeavors was soliciting girls on Facebook.

Hint, if you didn't catch it, there is no guy named Chris or company named Empiric Endeavors, and TrueTeenBabes is owned by Group Five Photosports, LLC in Colorado, not by some dingbat in North Carolina. It was a fake fuck, still around to the day, pretending he took the Jimmy Stephans photos in an attempt to get girls to let him take photos in a local park.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide have contacted us dozens of times over the past 20 years due to such fools.

Some fake photographers create elaborate, but fake, websites (using my images) and head out to do their online soliciting, like this guy who at the time was age 34, lived with his parents on a pig farm in Nebraska, and had never been in France or Italy.

And, when sued they team up with their lawyers to lie to the Federal Courts about it as explained on a lawyer blog here.

And, while the case is progressing through the system, they desperately create yet another elaborate fake website to go out and solicit yet more teenage girls.

I'm not outright accusing today's emailer of being a fake along that scale but his writings, while trying to be helpful, actually seem to indicate that he is part of a huge fucking problem. One of many fakes flooding teenagers with messages and false promises so damn often that the legitimate studios can't get through the slime that has been created.

Many of you may see a contradiction in this post and on the surface you are correct.

At one point I mention how for the 2019 video project they had success getting dozens of girls or mothers to leave Instagram, review the website, submit detailed information hoping to be selected, and eventually planning the reality video work with some of them.

Yet later I'm harsh on the emailer's suggested techniques, which are a bit similar, and I even point out that, by his own admission, don't seem to have worked, and I further go on to give examples of why I wouldn't do it the exact way he seems to be saying I should.

The difference is in who is doing it, along with appearance, presentation (his word) and execution.

The video series partnership included two photographers with combined glamour model experience topping 70 years. They each ran highly profitable glamour model websites for over 12 years featuring hundreds of models and generated millions of dollars. They both produced content not only in a studio but on far away exotic locations such as Hawaii, The Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, Belize, Vanuatu and Roatan. Even with both of them being semi-retired it is vastly different from an anonymous guy talking through APPs to teen girls in the middle of the night without a website to show the prospective models.

The video series used an Instagram profile run by women. One of the women was in her 40s and had been a model herself, including lingerie and nudes for the Playboy Newsstand Specials 20 years previous. The other woman is a former model for me going back over ten years.

The video series Instagram profile had a username directly related to the project. I'm guessing that looks more legitimate compared to some random name such as @buttphotolover99, @misterbigsmoke76 or @fakephotodude69

The video series Instagram profile had a great profile image of the females running it. They had a website URL posted that matched the username and was directly related to the project. The profile showed an email address directly to the website (not Gmail, AOL or Yahoo). The profile displayed the business phone number (not Google voice, not TextNow) that people could call and it would be answered by a real live human during business hours.

Overall the appearance of the Instagram profile area at the top looked professional by displaying all the information you might see on a business card in clean manner, without a single heart, cash, puppy or marijuana emoji.

The presentation within the profile included high quality professional photos of the same style of girl they hoped to be recruiting. Every once in a while they also posted a graphical image as an advertisement, and those graphics had been designed and created by experienced Photoshop & Illustrator professionals, as compared to some old amateur like me.

The execution of the model search, as I understand it, involved more of the invitation approach as compared to the aggressive, spammy, middle of the night, direct messaging approach.

Following a person on Instagram generates an automatic invitation for them to follow you back. Many of those that are curious will jump over to the profile that just followed them. If they take that step the professional looking top area is important. Hopefully they read what text is there, get a good impression, then see that URL as an invitation to click or tap to go see more information and samples.

Commenting on a prospective girl's images, if they are not buried within dozens of other comments, also serves as an invitation for them to click or tap to see who you are. This right here is a reason, I'm told, that they don't look for girls that have 50,000 followers, because any comment left is lost in the pile.

The only outbound direct messaging, I'm told, was to the mother of a prospect. Messaging direct to a mother - no matter if the girl is a 14 year old in downtown or a 19 year old rodeo rider from some tiny Kansas farming community - is more professional. The adult mother has instant interest because she also thinks her kid is a beauty. Plus, a mother age 35-45 will not be getting near as many messages as a cute girl in the 14-22 age range, so it is more likely your message will be seen, and not lost in the hundreds the daughter receives. The message is, again, an invitation for the mother and her daughter to check the profile and if they feel it looks professional (therefore promising), they can click the URL, call the number or shoot off an email.

Nothing in the execution of that process feels devious, aggressive, unprofessional, fake, weird, desperate or amateur.

Contrast that method to what our emailer indicates he is doing and it should be obvious why I would, as a professional, be comfortable with one and uncomfortable with the other.

While he doesn't mention how he prepares his profiles we can safely presume one thing: He isn't being open and honest. I mean, if he is too embarrassed by who he is and his methods to reveal himself to me, he certainly isn't doing it in a public profile on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Tik-Tok.

He has already told us he doesn't have a website to backup what he is saying with the phrase "I don't have a successful website to back up my presentation, so things fall off after a couple messages", so we have to assume he is outright lying to girls, yet those lies could be what help him have "some girls be interested". As I stated above, those same lies wouldn't work for a legitimate photographer that needs to have a parent involved, get paperwork signed, and more because the commercials aspects of what I would be doing is much different from just finding a girl to snap photos of in the park.

I group Instagram, Snapchat and Tik-Tok together because each are applications on a phone used to post free content to a personal profile and the posters are rewarded with likes and grow a following. While not experienced much with Snapchat and Tik-Tok I'm guessing profiles are setup the same way, can have a URL and unique name, etc. No need to discuss them separately.

We should not forget that the guys producing the now defunct website GirlsDoPorn are alleged to have used buckets of lies, tricks, fake profiles, anonymous names, bogus projects, scam photoshoots and more to recruit attractive girls into doing so called "private videos", and now - except for the one on the run - they are sitting in the Federal lockup awaiting a spring 2021 trial that will likely send them to prison for the rest of their lives. See here.

We also should not forget that just 18 years ago I faced a legal case of my own where law enforcement, and the fake news media, claimed over and over before trial that I lied to get teens and their mothers to participate in the early days of TrueTeenBabes. How I, and my lawyers, won that case was very simple: As every mother or daughter was on that witness stand we asked if they had ever been told any of the lies indicated by the prosecution or media. They all answered honestly with a "no", making the prosecution out to be the liars, and the case was over. Because I had not lied, or produced photos outside the legal limits, the jury saw right through that mess. I would not be here right now if I had lied to get mothers to allow their daughters to participate.

"You forget, I know a thing or two about a thing or two"
Officer Dwayne Myers, St. Marie Police

I couldn't have said it better. I've seen the time wasted sitting in a jail waiting to prove it wasn't done with lies. Not a chance I would become some anonymous liar on some application trying to find teen girls as our emailer appears to be doing.

I'll close this rambling mess admitting to one bump I've yet been able to get over in the social media age, and the gals helping with the Instagram profiles in 2019 also had issues climbing past, known as the famous "this other guy" hurdle. Oh shit can it be a big silly hurdle.

This issue erupts when the girl, or her mother, have seen all our information and stated they want to work with us, but soon send some sort of message that includes the words "this other guy".

I was on Insta and "this other guy" said he can get me in the movies.

I was talking to "this other guy" and he said I should be paid more.

My friend knows "this other guy" and he says that kind of modeling will ruin my career.

I could go on and on and on pasting sentences that include the deeply dreaded "this other guy" phrase but I won't bore you any longer.

For years I tried to answer whatever "this other guy" was saying but it rarely could be overcome. The policy with me, and now with my friends in Texas from the video project, is as soon as we get a message featuring the anonymous online profile known as "this other guy" we suggest that she work with the "other guy" and get back with us later to let us know how it went. They never do.

My experience tells me that most of the people that can do it, do it. Those that talk about it and tell other people how to do it usually can't do it. I'm referring to everything:

Guys that claim to have a 12" super penis that porn companies would love... well, if true, they would be in California fucking Ukrainian models in front of cameras every other day not talking on some porn pirate forum.

Guys that claim they can kick 70 yard field goals wouldn't be boasting on Reddit... well, if true, they would be collecting $3,000,000 per year paychecks on some NFL team, setting scoring records, and fucking the cheerleaders.

Guys that claim they could handle a car better than Jimmie Johnson, as they pat their beer belly sitting on the busted tailgate outside the Tractor Supply store... well, if true, Rick Hendrick is hiring.

My experience also tells me there are very few truly anonymous emailers like this guy today. They know me, and I very likely know them, or at least know of them, and very damn likely have previously communicated with them. It's the current message they wish to spit out that causes them to seek shelter with anonymity. In some ways it indicates what they actually think of their own idea.

That's all for today, but check back soon... I get the feeling I'm going to have something amazing to talk about because I just got an anonymous email from "this other guy" and he is promising me I get to be the cover model of next year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue without having to wear a swimsuit or show my body, if I just get on webcam, without telling my mom, and show him my boobs!

And, to be sure about it I checked with "this other guy" and he said it was legit so, damn, I'm so excited I'm running off to shave my chest right now!

Or, maybe after I'll do that shaving part after I finish this glass of rum or maybe after I reread the promising message I just got from "this other guy".

Oh wait, I can't finish the rum or reread the other message, because "this other guy" just sent me a message saying he is going to make me his princess and take me to his private island in the Caribbean, but it is sort of odd because he doesn't have photos or a website to back up his "presentation" or show he is legitimate, so maybe I should open the next message from "this other guy".

Fuck it, I think I'll just take selfies in the mirror with my phone in front of my face and call myself a model on Instagram.


Jimmy Stephans
Avon, Colorado, USA
December 12, 2020