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Attack of the Wild Mommie Boobie

Posted: 2016-07-01

Note - The following true story was originally posted in TrueTeenBabes in December 2006. I have many of these old stories and thought it would be fun to feed a few in here now and then for fans that missed the original publication - Jimmy

I was almost attacked yesterday by the right breast of a new teen model's mother. It was a big boobie. I think it was fake, but I know for sure it was scary and I'm still shaking.

I'm serious. I was scared and it all started with the right boobie of a prospective model's mother.

Back in the middle of November I was in Las Vegas with Mona and some of the TrueBabes girls. It was a fun trip with some first class people. During that trip I got a call from one of the teen models from near our studio in Clearwater, Florida. She was telling me about a friend from high school that was interested in being a new TrueTeenBabes model.

I explained that the best thing to do was have the girl visit the website with her mother and review all the information, fill out the online application, submit pictures and download the parent's information packet as many other girls do each month.

Later that evening the application came in by email. The girl's name was "Tequila". No, I am not making that up. It was her name and the application listed her as 16 years old. The pictures show a very attractive young lady with very long hair, a nice smile and features that made me think we had a great new model in the works. I replied by reminding her to download a copy of the parent's packet and giving her a free password to take her mom inside the site.

The next day I got an application at TrueBabes from a gal listed as 33 years old. Her height and weight and other measurements sounded just right, but I was wondering why she applied. The application page clearly states that TrueBabes only hires models in the 18 to 22 age range. Another interesting thing about the application was the pictures. The online form includes a spot for girls to paste in a link to any site that has pictures. Most girls link us to their page at MySpace.com or some online modeling site. This application had a link to her section at Yahoo Pictures. Cool, but the comment line said "Don't look at the pictures until talking to us first".

I clicked the link instantly. The page had pictures of the gal, some of which were naked or at least topless. As I started to reply to the application and explain that TrueBabes doesn't hire models in her age range, or models with tattoos, or models with fake breasts, I noticed that the address on the application seemed familiar. It was just a few miles south of the studio. Quick checking revealed it was the same address as Tequila.

It didn't take long to figure out that the 33-year-old was Tequila's mother. So we have a beautiful 16-year-old applying for TrueTeenBabes, and her mother with tattoos and fakes breasts applying to pose naked on TrueBabes. That's something I've never seen before.

I decided not to reply to mom's application yet because I didn't want to upset her too much - at least not until I knew if we would be able to work with her daughter or not.

Ten days later I was back in Florida for a few days. Tequila's friend here at TrueTeenBabes mentioned that Tequila and her mom wanted to stop in to see the studio and pick-up a packet because they didn't have a printer at home. I thought that was a fine idea and we set it up for the following Saturday at 2:00pm.

Friday evening Tequila called and asked if it was OK for her boyfriend to bring her by on Saturday because she was staying at his house north of the studio for the weekend. I agreed as long as it was fine with her mother, which she said it was. A few minutes later she called back again and said her mother wasn't going to let her stay at his house so she would be visiting with her mother after all.

Saturday arrived and about noon Tequila called and said her mother couldn't make it because she had to work. She asked if I could pick her up. I said sure, as long as it is OK with your mother. She said it was. I confirmed I would be there at 2:00pm and told her I would call from my cell phone as I got to the neighborhood.

She called back about 1:30pm to confirm. I thought that was pretty cool because it showed the girl was very interested and serious. About 45 minutes later I called from my cell phone as I rounded the corner to her house. I pulled up and she was standing in the open front door. The driveway had two older cars, both sort of beat up, one with a flat tire.

I got out, walked up the drive to greet her. It was at that time that the confusion started. She invited me inside to meet her mother. I thought I had been told a couple of hours earlier that her mother had to work.

As I stepped in the door I noticed that Tequila looked a bit confused or nervous or scared herself. The entry opened into a small living area with a couch on the left, another on the right and a love seat on the far wall. Right smack dab in the middle of the room was a shiny pole. A shiny chrome stripper pole reaching from the scuffed up wooden floor to the smoke stained ceiling.

As more confusion started to tease my brain there was a loud female voice from somewhere deep in the back of the house.

"Bobby, come meet the pervert that wants to take pictures of my daughter".

Right as my brain was saying "Oh Shit" the owner of that voice stumbles around the corner. She is dressed only in a small dirty silk teddy - the kind that laces up the middle. Her rather large right breast is hanging out and bouncing around. She is desperately trying to pull on some sort of a robe but is having a hard time with it. In one hand is a cheap Walgreens disposable camera and the other a lit cigarette with a long gray ash falling to the floor.

The loud voice and stumbling confuse me. In the 2 seconds since she came around the corner I haven't been able to comprehend if she is drunk or just woke up or both. Her loud tirade continues...

"What makes you think I'm letting you leave here with my daughter?"

Right as I try to speak the mystery man known as "Bobby" comes out of the same back hallway. He also appears as if he just woke up. He is dressed only his boxer shorts, but at least his private parts remain hidden. He is maybe 5' 10" tall and built like a body builder. I'd say 50% or more of his body from the waist up was covered with tattoos. He sits on the arm at the end of the loveseat about 12 feet directly in front of me. He never said a single word. For the entire time I was there he was repeatedly punching his right fist into his open left palm with a scowl on his face. The lady speaks again...

"Just who do you think you are trying to get my daughter into your dirty business?"

I do my best to speak but the mom never gives me a chance. She talks and asks questions and talks and asks questions some more, never leaving me more than a second or two to answer or comment. After about 30-40 seconds I interrupt and say that there must be some mistake because I thought she knew I was coming, and that she knew what I did, and had already reviewed the site.

I try to leave, but she keeps talking. I don't want to be rude, but I also don't want to be in this situation. I never turn to look at Tequila. Her mom is still having trouble with her robe and is trying to figure out how to take a picture of me with the disposable camera while taking a toke on the cigarette. She has one arm wrapped around the pole to keep from falling over.

Bobby is still across the room. He right fist is still pounding in and out of his left palm. I can hear Tequila sort of whining or maybe crying to my left rear but I don't dare turn her way.

Mom keeps talking but she is starting to slow down or calm down just a bit. She asks a question or two and I answer as best as my scared punk ass can. I try to leave again and she says...

"Okay, since you stayed here and answered my questions you can take her with you."

I hadn't actually answered much because she never stopped talking and asking. I resist leaving with Tequila, but I actually fear that it will be more of an issue if I don't comply. I try to explain it may be better if we do this another day when her mother can come with her and tour the studio, review the site, meet the helpers. Now mom, with the boobie back bouncing in plain view, is insisting that I take Tequila with me. Her tone is beginning to be forceful again.

Well, okay, Tequila and I walk out, down the drive and towards the van. As soon as the door closed behind us she is trying to apologize for her mother but I very quietly ask her to wait until we are in the van. I'm afraid to turn and look back at the house. I open the door for Tequila, trying to be the best gentlemen I can. I can feel the sweat under my arms and in the palm of my hands.

As we make the drive to the studio Tequila tries to explain. I tell her not to worry about, the entire time looking in the mirror to see if Bobby is following me. He wasn't but that didn't stop me from checking.

That drive took about 15 minutes. The studio tour, site review, meet & greet, and discussion took about 45 minutes. That was followed by another 15-minute drive to get her home. She was with me a total of 75 minutes, maybe a bit more. Certainly no more than 90 minutes.

During that time I learn many, many things.

Tequila's mom is a stripper and has been since age 18 (duh, I already figured that out). That's why she had the practice room set-up in the house. Her mom was drunk and doesn't remember filling out the TrueBabes application.

Bobby is 24 and the mother's second husband. He is also the bartender or doorman at the club across the bay in Tampa where mom works.

Tequila is on parole. Yes, I said parole not juvenile probation. She was just released from a state run boot camp facility in August. She was sent there for attempted murder after she stabbed a boy she caught cheating on her. He was 19 years old and she was just 12.

It was hard for me to believe that story. The girl that was in my van and studio was sweet, stunningly attractive, and really seemed to have her act together. Truth is that she does seem to have it all together now. She is in high school just one year behind where she normally would be and is getting pretty good grades.

Still, a girl that is charged with attempted murder at age 12 is something that shocked me. Add in her bouncy boob mother and fist pounding step-dad and it makes for a pretty scary situation. I was nervous and shaking the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.

Bouncing boobs on a cigarette toting, disposable camera pointing, wild women. Tattoo covered arms with a big fist on the end and massive biceps swinging back and forth like Mike Tyson warming up. A beautiful girl of 16, already a veteran of prison camp, with who knows what for a current temperament.

Today I woke up with a clear head and firm decision. No photoshoots with Tequila. It all seemed too strange and dangerous. It felt like I woke from a nightmare. I could see her mom saying yes, signing all the paperwork, but later - likely in some booze induced furor, raising some sort of problems for me. I'll pass on that.

Later that day I wrote Tequila's mother a letter explaining how I felt her daughter was a beauty and would likely have been a great model, but that the situation in the living room was too strange, bordering on violent, for me. I wouldn't be using her for any photoshoots.

That's the story of the mother with the bouncing bare boobie - the burning ash dropping cigarette - the wildly waved disposable camera and the stripper pole equipped living room.

This shit only happens to me in western Florida, also known as SpringerVille - as in Jerry SpringerVille!

Jimmy Stephans
December 10th, 2006
Clearwater, Florida.